About Us

We facilitate and mediate solutions for older people, their families and other involved parties who are facing difficulties and conflicts due to issues involving ageing.

As people transition through the various stages of old age they, together with their families, confront many decisions, including

  • granting of powers of attorney
  • deciding when and how to sell their assets
  • planning where they should live, if and when they are no longer able to live on their own
  • arranging who will help and care for them
  • determining how the care will be paid for
  • discussing advance care and end of life plans

These issues involve understanding the interrelated goals of older people and their families, the kind of care older people want and need, and how to best ensure older people's wellbeing.

At Elder Solutions, we understand that each family is different. We also understand that older people and their families may confront difficult and emotional challenges that are associated with the ageing of their family members. We provide neutral and independent facilitators and mediators who can help families avoid and/or resolve conflicts. We assist parties in planning for the care and support of older people.

As older people’s needs change, the importance of support from family, friends and other carers often increases. Support and care can be sought from a wide range of informal and formal service providers. The confusing choices and difficult decisions can cause conflict and tension within families, or between families and other parties.

Our facilitators and mediators can guide older people and their families through a process that helps them to identify, clarify and explore the issues they are confronting. We assist them in generating and considering the options and in making decisions about future actions and outcomes regarding the care and support.

We support self-determination, dignity and quality of life.


Service Providers - Consulting, Education and Training 

Elder Solutions has developed education and training programs for assisting aged care service providers to respond appropriately to family conflict and elder abuse

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Family members include spouses, partners, step children and other relevant people who constitute part of the inner support network of the older person. In addition to family members, parties to the mediation may include carers, care-givers, organisations, agencies and service providers.