Reforms in the aged care sector are changing the way you and your staff engage the older person, especially when it comes to aged care services. There is a shift in the control and choice of services to the older person, increasingly involving the family in the care arrangements. Differentiate your service by keeping your staff prepared and informed.

Elder Solutions’ trained and experienced presenters can conduct educational presentations and staff training workshops to ensure that you and your team have the tools to assist older people and their families make suitable choices of care. 

All educational seminars and training workshops can be tailored to meet your needs, and can range in duration from 30 minutes to half day programs. They are suitable for large or small groups.

  1. Educational Presentations

    Ensure that you and your staff know how to deal with families during the difficult transition into aged care, at home in the community or into residential aged care. 

    Through a series of informative presentations Elder Solutions can educate you and your staff with an understanding of the issues regarding:

    • Intergenerational conflict and ageism
    • Ageing and cultural diversity in families
    • Elder abuse and how to deal with it
    • Elder mediation and resolving family conflict
    • Facilitated family discussions
  2. Staff Training

    Elder Solutions conducts hands-on workshops, based on real-life scenarios, to prepare your team for the following:

    • Avoiding and resolving family conflict
    • Bridging the divide in multicultural families
    • Dealing with elder abuse
    • Learning skills of elder mediation
    • Facilitating family discussions

    Elder Solutions welcomes opportunities to collaborate in educational programs and conferences, and to provide editorial in relevant publications.