What We Do

Conflict between people may arise from a broad range of situations that have financial or care implications for older people and their families. We can help families find solutions by facilitating family discussions, and mediating resolutions regarding the care of the older person. Elder Solutions can also advise families about aged care services to suit their requirements.

Facilitated Family Discussions

Elder Solutions can help families identify the issues and work through the difficult discussions needed in the forward planning for wellbeing in old age.

Older people and their families may want to come together to discuss what they would do “if anything ever happened to Mum or Dad”. Forward planning or facilitated family discussions may be triggered by a milestone event, like a special birthday, retirement, sale of business, receipt of inheritance, birth of grandchild or great grandchild, widowhood, marriage of older person, marriage of children, injury or illness of older person or children, and more. These planning discussions require follow up at further key times or upon the occurrence of new key events.

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Mediated Conflict Resolution

Our accredited mediators, trained in elder mediation, assist families in resolving conflict by helping them understand other people’s needs and interests, consider and evaluate options, negotiate and reach their own decisions as a family.

People face many different problems that may fuel conflict. Some families are unfamiliar with the challenges of the frailties and dependencies associated with old age. Some families are dispersed, with family members living interstate or overseas. Many families have conflicts that inhibit conversation between the different family members. Some family members are unable to give support for a wide range of reasons.

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Crisis Assistance

A sudden accident or illness that happens to an older person or their carer can leave families in a state of crisis. We help families create a plan of action that can be quickly implemented to deal with such situations.

Many older people are fully engaged in all aspects of their lives, while others experience growing dependencies upon family and friends for support and care due to diminishing cognitive and physical abilities. However, for many older people, the realisation that they are no longer able to continue living independently comes as the result of a crisis, such as, an accident or health issue that requires hospitalisation. Losing a spouse or a carer could also trigger a crisis situation. Older people and their family members may be thrown into turmoil.
Elder Solutions can assist families identify and explore the issues and work through the options in assisting older people and their families to make their own decisions and plans regarding the care of the older person

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Planning for the Future

Making sure there are plans in place for future aged care needs can help avoid a lot of anxiety and family tensions. We assist with the creation of powers of attorney, “end of life” plans, and other important considerations for wellbeing in the later years of life.

Planning for the future is an important part of ensuring security in old age. We inform older people and their families about the changing needs associated with ageing. We advise how families may put in place plans and arrangements to avoid some of the crises that, unfortunately, families may confront.

As the circumstances and the needs of both older people and their families change, previous agreements require periodic reassessment of their continued applicability. Previous plans may no longer meet the needs of the older person. Family members, or other involved parties, may be no longer be able to maintain their agreed obligations.

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Mediation with Aged Care Providers

Our accredited mediators can help older people and their families work through problems with aged care service providers.

Elder Solutions can assist older people and their families in disputes with outside parties, such as aged care homes and aged care service providers. An independent mediator can help you work through conflicts you or your family experience with aged care institutions while preserving important relationships.

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Links with Service Providers

We can guide older people and their families in finding the appropriate physical, financial, social or psychological care that can enable the older family member to live comfortably in their own home, or that can help them to move into suitable aged care accommodation.

Elder Solutions can guide you to service providers and care networks who can assist you with legal advice, financial planning, residential aged care placements, care and support in your own home, palliative carers, private case managers, counselling, psychological and medical experts and more.

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Family Dispute Resolution

Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners mediate between older couples who are separating from one another.
We also assist concerned grandparents during their children's divorce.

We mediate between older married or de facto couples who are separating or divorcing. We understand that older couples face unique complications due to their separation in later life.

Accredited under the Australian Family Law Act, our mediators assist parents and grandparents affected by separation or divorce in the resolution of their parenting and property disputes.

We have been trained in assessing families for family violence including elder abuse.

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