Who We Are

Dr. Anita Frayman

Anita Frayman (PhD) specialises in assisting older people, their families and other involved parties overcome and resolve conflicts regarding issues associated with ageing.  Recognising that many older people and their families experience difficult transitions into ageing, Anita has created Elder Solutions to assist people through this important stage of life.

Anita has extensively researched people’s experience of ageing in Australia, focusing on cultural diversity, elder abuse, intergenerational conflict, and the social and support networks of older people.  Anita’s doctoral research in ageing has provided her with in-depth experience in communicating with people about personal issues of concern to them. Her work in the aged care sector has given her an understanding of the enormity of the barriers than many people confront when trying to deal with difficulties associated with old age.

Anita is a trained mediator and facilitator. She has applied these skills to her knowledge and experience in the aged care industry.

Her background in tertiary education has given her a sound foundation for developing and delivering education and training to professionals who work with older people and their families.

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Specialising in Elder Mediation